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1) Original Passport – Current including the Old passport showing the history of travel


2) Photocopy of the Biographical Page and Last Page of both valid & old passports, previous visas, and immigration stamps in all countries


3) COMPLETELY accomplished Schengen Visa Application Form (Please DO NOT leave any blanks in the form. Indicate “N/A” if the answer is not applicable.

For minors, the application should be signed by BOTH parents) with one (1) recent passport-sized or 2×2 colored photo with white background (ears should be exposed and with collared shirt/blouse) ;


4) 2 Passport size photos taken at least 6 months


5) Cover Letter – Letter of introduction to the Embassy (a document that introduces the applicant and the reason for visa application)


6) MEANS OF INCOME: If Employed: Certificate of Employment stating your compensationtenureship, and position, Copy of Company ID, AND Certificate of  Approved Leave of Absence


7) Approved Travel Authority for applicants who are government staff


8) Note Verbale issued by Apostolic Nunciature for applicants who are Religious Figure


9) MEANS OF INCOME: If Self Employed: Business licenses such as DTI and SEC Registration, Mayors Permits, BIR registration, Business/Company ITR with attached Financial Statement and the “ASK FOR RECEPT” Plate ***Clear Photocopy only


10) If professional, original, and copy of the Professional License card (IBP, PRC, etc.)


11) Declaration of annual income (ITR)


12) For Students: Certificate of Enrolment with approval to Travel Abroad and Copy of Student ID

If the travel falls during school days, the Travel Date must be indicated in the Certificate. During non-school days, a copy of the School Calendar must be attached to the school certificate.


13) FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS: Bank Certification (original) accompanied by account history in the form of either a Passbook or Statement issued by the Bank.


Coverage: Six (6) months account history for frequent travelers (Frequent travelers are applicants who have been to the Schengen states within the last 5 years;

or one (1) year account history for infrequent travelers (Infrequent travelers are applicants who are traveling for the first time to the Schengen states or travelers who have not been to the Schengen states within the last 5 years)


If available, a copy of the international credit card statement, AND proof of properties, such as Land TitlesCar RegistrationStock SharesInvestmentInsurance Policy etc.


Bank Certificate must address to the Embassy of Italy – Address: 5th Floor, Tower B One Campus Place McKinley Hill Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines


14) PSA issued Birth certificate and Marriage Contract


15) Day-to-day itinerary of daily activities, confirmed round trip Flight Booking, and hotel vouchers or hotel booking under the name of the traveler covering the entire duration of stay


16) A letter of invitation addressed to the Embassy, (format of this letter may be secured at the Italian Embassy or downloaded from )in case the traveler will stay in a friend’s or relative’s residence. The invitation may be made by an Italian national or a foreign resident legally staying in Italy. A document of identity or permit of stay should accompany the letter of invitation.


17) If invited by relatives, PSA issued documents to prove relationships.


18) For ALL minors & Students: Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent signed by BOTH parents. In addition, a DSWD Clearance for minors not traveling with parents, copy of the passport of parents, and all the FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS and MEANS OF INCOME of parents as stated above


19) Travel insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000 euros (with 15 days allowance beyond the travel period) obtained only from Schengen-accredited insurance companies in the Philippines. (Please refer to the current list of Schengen-accredited insurance companies in the Phils as of October 2022 or see the attached file)


20) If not a Filipino citizen the applicant needs to show proof of permanent residency in the Philippines (ACR).




Applicants may be required to submit additional documents not listed above in some cases.


Please download and submit your application using the form below

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