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  1. Original Passport and 1 Old Passport with previous Japan Visa.
  2. Filled-out forms (must print in A4 SizeBond Paper
    • Application form with wet ink signature
    • for Request for Multiple form with at least 1-2 sentences reason and also with wet ink signature
    • for Authorization Letterform, must comply with wet ink signature (Mr. Nacario is our representative)
    • for Letter of Guarantee, it must be filled out if the applicant will be supported.
  3. (1) pc Passport Size picture
  4. Original Copy of PSABirth Certificate – newly issued (Embassy honours only PSAcertificates)
    • If Late Registered, you need to comply a copy ofForm 137 (Highschool) and Baptismal Certificate
    • If there is an errorwith regards to name in passport and PSA Birth Certificate, you need to provide a “Notarized”  Affidavit of one and the same person.
  5. Original Copy of PSA MarriageCertificate – newly issued (Embassy honors only PSAcertificates)
    • you need to comply Married
    • If there is an errorwith regards to “name”  in passport and PSA Marriage Certificate, you need to provide a “Notarized”  Affidavit of one and the same person.
  6. Original copy of Bank Certificate
  7. If employed: 
    • Original copy of Certificate of Employment (COE)
    • Copy of ITR (If you cannot provide an ITR, you must provide Letter of Explanationregarding to ITR that you cannot submit an ITR *please address to Japan Embassy
  8. If Self-Employed/Business Owner:
    • Copy of DTI/SEC
    • Copy of COR 2303 (if applicable)
    • Copy of Mayor’s Permit
    • Copy of General Information Sheet (if corporation)
    • Copy of Company ITR


If you have any questions and concerns about Visa, please don’t hesitate to call us at (02) 8641-4225


Visa Fee:                ₱2,500.00

Processing time:     1 Week

Please download and submit your application using the forms below

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